Why Science Fiction Is Important.

I read science fiction like I go on hikes.

It’s not my primary mode of working out (reading), but it’s an enjoyable challenge that helps my muscles grow for other recreational activities I typically do. 

Science Fiction, especially Neal Stephenson’s work, challenges my mind greatly. I also read his book, “The Diamond Age.”

I am currently reading “Snow Crash“, and the technologies that are presented in the books are so foreign and un-intuitive to my non-engineering mind, that my visual cortex (no idea what I’m talking about) needs to work in overdrive in order to produce a plausible working image so I can continue to imagine the characters. 

Sometimes I’m too tired, or too confused to form a visual structure, like a child who gave up on an ambitious Lego set, and although I continue to read, my internal screen looks like a blank computer that hasn’t been turned on yet. 

The reason why I am pushing through, is because I so desperately want to be cool enough to fit in with the tech nerds, if I should ever find myself in a room full of them. The probability of that happening is lower than what I might think.

Neal Stephenson has an incredible mind, and if you know me, you know that I obsess over incredible minds.

Also, his imaginative power is very influential over other humans, and has been credited to inspiring the creation of many inventions, including but not limited to Google Earth, the Kindle, popularizing the term “Avatar,” and also inspiring the game “Second Life.” 

I am fascinated by how imagination can influence reality, and science fiction books are a great example of that.

What I hope to gain from reading Science Fiction, is a stronger invention muscle. Is this a thing?  

Finding creative solutions is key to living a good life.

It is a transferable skill in both the right and left brain, and powerful mantra to commit to.  (And not to mention, a gold mine.)

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