Start A Project Today That Will Take You 20 Years To Finish.

Yesterday I listened to a great conversation on the Tim Ferris Show. It inspired to stay focused and continue to work on my long-term goals.

Tim Ferriss, I mean THE Tim Ferriss had to wait 20 years to do his dream interview! From concept to creation, this episode took him 20 years to realize.

In the interview Neil Gaiman says,

I mean you’ve been asking me, incredibly politely, if I could do the podcast or anything, you know, edging around it and giving open invitations for it for a good decade.


Doesn’t that just hit your heart like a ton of bricks? Because it did to mine.

The project you’ve started, or are thinking about starting, isn’t going to reach it’s final form until a DECADE from now.

Sit on that thought for awhile…

This concept reminds me a lot of the “creative gap” and it inspires me to keep my head down and keep working on my own podcast journey.

Hope whatever you’re working on, you’re keeping your eyes on the end game.

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