Missing Our Self-Imposed Deadlines.

Last week I wrote about Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs, and on the top of that list, is the need for Self-Actualization, or reaching one’s potential.

This is the trickiest need of all.

In life, no one is going to knight us, and tap us on the shoulder to tell us, “HEY, go do that thing that you’ve been wanting to do. It’s gonna suck, but do it anyways and you’ll get better.”

And on top of that, no one is going to keep us accountable.

I was supposed to edit my podcast last week, but I procrastinated.

This led me to feeling all kinds of crappy for the last couple days. Lethargy, more procrastination and an overall downward spiral.

Missing our self-imposed deadlines can lead us into the depths of despair.

How do we counteract this behavior? I am not sure, but here is a strategy that I am formulating while typing.

I need to break this task down into smaller bits, and find some sort of accountability.

Having “Editing my podcast” seems to be to daunting for me to make any progress on it.

So my plan is to break this vague overarching “To-do” into a smaller more bite-sized approach. Let’s say 5 steps. (It actually ended up being six)

After that, I’m going to schedule them into my google calendar and see how that works.

Wish me luck!

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