My Labor of Love; The Notes On Becoming Podcast

It’s taken me months to finally launch this project of mine!

Episode One is finally released! You can find it on here on Spotify, along with my manifesto, expressing my intentions for creating the podcast.

I explain the origin of the name of the podcast, and the culmination of events that led me to launching it.

Here’s a snippet;

“The countless hours that I’ve spent writing and reflecting in hundreds of notebooks of various shapes and sizes moved me closer to this impeding ‘aha’ moment. But the most crucial piece, the one that beautifully stitched every insight together, was conversing about wisdom.   

I have been shaped by the meaningful conversations that I have witnessed or engaged in. 

The friends and the peers that have generously allowed me to discover myself through the process of letting the words fall sloppily out of my lips and incoherently into their ears, has enabled me to experience micro-‘aha’ moments that have compounded over the years and manifested into this soul project of mine. 

It is based on the crumb of wisdom I have discovered over the years, the diamond in the dust. One word; become. 

For the full, 4 minute introduction, click here.

It is the gentle, loving word that the universal force whispers to us all, as we eat, breathe and sleep. 

Every being, every creature.  

Become. Become. Become.”

I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure of mine!

Full first episode with Author Millie Florence

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