When You Witness Something Beautiful, Don’t Hold Your Tongue.

I took an excellent cycling class today at Flywheel. (via the best “gym membership” ever – ClassPass.)

I mean, excellent.

The instructor was perfectly intense yet gentle. She knew exactly how to motivate me to push my hardest.

The thing is, I’ve taken this same instructor months ago, and between then and now, I’ve taken a handful of other instructors too, none of which could make me feel the way the she did.

And I made a promise to myself years ago… (okay, you caught me, it was actually a tweet.)

This “promise” was that “when I see something beautiful, I won’t hold my tongue.”

Small compliments. Acts of recognition. A text message of kindness.

Spending two whole minutes to compose a sentence that can powerfully communicate how much you recognize the goodness in the other person can not only change a person’s day, but their whole identity.

These kinds of interactions are the antidotes to the pitfalls of social media.

If we all put in the same amount of energy to writing a glowing review as we would for writing a hateful one, our lives would change.

Disclaimer: Not everyone responds to these acts of “radical kindness” very receptively. But carry on, you will have some that hit home and make everything feel worth it.

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