About Me

I believe that true growth comes from reading, writing, and speaking.

Reading: the best authors in a wide variety of subjects.

Writing: the first level of testing your knowledge and understanding of concepts that you’ve read.

Speaking: the second (and ultimate) level of testing your level of understanding. Ideally with like-minded people who can challenge your thinking. Check out my podcast; Notes on Becoming.

For many years, I’ve filled my bookshelves and my notebooks full of great authors, writers and miscellaneous experts from a number of fields.

I later discovered a fancy name for my chock-full, chaotic notebooks; commonplace books. The practice of scribbling down insightful words in these notebooks have brought me much pleasure over the years, and they’ve served their function decently well.

They have allowed me to record important ideas that I would like to reference later, and the act of writing itself may have increased my memory of these precious words. However, they come with some drawbacks.

The overall organization of the system is very poor. There is no way to organize the notes by subject because the subjects I take notes on are endless and honestly very obscure. There is also no search key that can allow me to quickly find the quote/term/person I am looking for. Which sometimes leads to a frantic, fruitless search which makes me think if the whole thing is worth it. (spoiler alert: it is)

This is essentially a long winded explanation to the purpose and intention of this blog. A digital commonplace book. One that is hopefully more organized, and will be a more efficient way to absorb the ideas I scribble down on paper.

I hope that this will become an organized collection of ideas and principles that has influenced my mind and thinking. I also hope that this will connect me with like minded people that will find this information useful and enjoyable!